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My name is Lucy Bevan. I grew up in England. In 2017, I founded my small business so that I could offer my services as a qualified language professional.

I obtained my Bachelors degree in Modern Language Studies (Dutch, French, German) from the University of Nottingham in 2015. I graduated cum laude from Leiden University with a Masters degree in Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English) in 2018.

In England, my affinity and passion for languages developed from an early age. I also became interested in the cultural and social implications behind language. This was something I wanted to explore, and so a language-related BA degree was the logical step for me.

I spent the third year of my BA degree in Germany, France and the Netherlands, working and doing internships as an English teacher and translator. After completing my BA, I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my ambition as a translator. In the Netherlands, I have been working as a translator on both an in-house and freelance basis since 2015.



As British English is my mother tongue, I only translate into English. I translate from Dutch and French into English.

From legal and academic texts to subtitling, I have worked with many different text types. The majority of my translation work is of a commercial, legal or financial nature. Below are a few examples:

Marketing content

  •  Commercial communication such as brochures, newsletters and blogs
  •  Personal marketing content such as CVs and application letters

Business correspondence

  •  Letters, emails, internal newsletters
  •  Work instructions

IT, websites and software programmes

  •  Company mission statements
  •  Product and service descriptions
  •  E-learning content

Legal and financial texts

  •  Insurance and banking texts
  •  Privacy statements and general terms & conditions

Journalistic texts

  •  Magazine and news articles
  •  Academic texts and reports



Whether you call it proofreading, revision or editing - every job is different. From a quick glance over a text to correct the spelling mistakes to a full text rewrite: anything is possible! Every customer has their own requirements and I adjust my working method to match.

Five guarantees


It is very important to me that I can provide my customers with the highest possible quality. That's why I decided to offer my services as an independent translator. As my own manager, I can guarantee my customers the following:

On time

Guaranteed delivery by the agreed date and time. Communication is essential to this.

Fast correspondence

A reply to your question or request within one working day, personal contact and no middleman. You know me - and I know you.


Translation and proofreading by a language professional with the appropriate skills and extensive experience in the field.

No literal translations

An expression or punchline loses its strength when translated literally. A sentence can be taken out of context, lose some of its meaning or worse: take on the wrong meaning.

Custom-made translation

I want to know who you are. Every business has its own company jargon, corporate identity and image. What's your goal? What do you represent? I adapt the language I use to align with that.



I'm always open about the costs. That way, you always know what the job will cost in advance and there'll be no surprises later on.

  • For translations I usually charge a rate per word, based on the word count of the source text (the text for translation). However, my rate may vary depending on the amount of technical jargon in the text.
  • For proofreading I usually charge an hourly rate. This is because every proofreading job is different - the amount of work required varies for each job.
  • For smaller jobs, I apply a minimum rate.
  • All quotations are excluding 21% VAT unless stated otherwise.

You could request the same services from a translation agency. The drawback, however, is that agencies often charge higher rates. After all, translation agencies usually charge overhead costs that freelance translators do not make.



Looking for a translator (Dutch/French ⇒ English) or proofreader (English)? Or do you have a different question? Don't hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions and send you a free, no-obligation quotation on request.

e: info@lucylanguage.nl

I aim to reply within one working day.

Words travel worlds,

- Anna Rusconi -